What to Keep in Mind When Designing Your Patios?

Even though it is just one part of your garden, the way your patio looks becomes one of the most important factors in deciding how your garden looks. When designing a patio, keep in mindir-leasing.rukahovka-service

Designing Patios

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Putting patios where you don’t get any sun is no use, so pick a spot which is bright and where you see yourself unfolding a chair and unfolding yourself in the process. Avoid setting up patios adjacent to the exit because it will keep causing disturbance. Consider building more than one patios so they can be used for more than one purposes. It will also keep things interesting.

What are you going to use it for?

Only once you have that figured in your head will you be able to decide on the size of the patio. If you want to set it up only for the purpose of sunbathing then select a spot where there is sun all day. To make more use of just one patio, like setting up lunches and dinners outside, select a spot where there is a bit of a shade.

How much can it accommodate?

Will it be able to fit a table? Will it have room to unfurl five mats? As a basic, leave about 1 metre width for the table and half of that all around for easy movement.

Are you considering built-in seating?

If you’re sure of the one or two uses you will make of your patio, it is sensible to go with built-in seating. Many people choose to set up an outdoor fireplace which looks very elegant and utilizes all the space in the patio very well.

How much privacy do you want?

We don’t advise you to do all your business in a tent but creating a private environment will become increasingly important to you after the few times you make use of the patio. Consider putting up a wall around or grow a hedge to make a safe enclosure.

What is your budget?

All the above will be determined by your budget. This will help you figure if the wall around your patio is really necessary or you can do with the hedge . A garden comes with its own basic expenses and a patio is only an added expenditure so when you set up a patio make sure that it is of use to you all times of the year.

What is your surface material?

There are enough options in the market for your patio to turn you blind. The steeply priced ones include real stone and concrete slabs. Most places you will also be able to get stamped or coloured concrete slabs as patio material. It is advisable to avoid concrete though as it fades easily and ends up looking fake. Truth be told, there isn’t even much of a difference between them and the real stones. So you might as well invest your money in the right place. They have less maintenance cost and will last you years.

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