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Pariplay And Microgaming Extend Working Partnership

<img class="size-full wp-image-37 alignleft" src="http://www.patiopatch.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/pariplayLogo_small.png" alt="pariplayLogo_small" width="484" height="132" srcset="http://www.patiopatch.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/pariplayLogo_small.png 484w, http://www click resources.patiopatch.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/pariplayLogo_small-300×82.png 300w” sizes=”(max-width: 484px) 100vw, 484px” />The Gibraltar and UK licensed online casino game provider Pariplay has extended its working partnership with the Isle of Man’s Microgaming which will see Pariplay launch its gaming content via Microgaming’s Quickfire delivery platform.

Gaming titles to be delivered courtesy of the new deal include the online slots Atari Black Widow and The Three Stooges; scratch card games Atari Star Raiders and Zodiac Fortune; and the instant win games Atari Asteroids and Las Cucas Locas.

The new agreement will see Pariplay now enjoy exposure to over 400 operators through the Quickfire platform, and comes on the back of a deal which was reached between the two earlier in the year which saw Pariplay add Microgaming’s catalogue of games to its own content aggregation network – FUSION, as reported by slotmachines.org.uk.

Comment From Pariplay

Mr Adrian Bailey, who acts in the role of General Manager at Pariplay, was pleased to announce the evolution of the working partnership between the two which he says has significantly diversified the offerings available through Pariplay’s FUSION content network.

Mr Bailey also spoke of the exposure Pariplay will receive through its appearance on Microgaming’s Quickfire delivery platform, which he expects will allow the provider to tap into previously unavailable global gaming markets.

Comment From Microgaming

Mr Tom Chamberlain, who acts in the role of the Head of the Quickfire platform at Microgaming, added that having content from a range of developers is of great importance to the Quickfire delivery platform, which in turn provides its end users the best gaming titles available through the one single interface.

Speaking of the new extended partnership between Microgaming and Pariplay, Mr Chamberlain said that Microgaming was delighted to be extending their co-operation with Pariplay, and that Pariplay‘s titles were a welcome addition to the Quickfire delivery platform.

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Blade Slot – A Playtech Masterpiece

blade slot with swordWith there now being quite a number of slots designed by Playtech which offer a randomly awarded bonus game on which one of several different progressive jackpots are guaranteed to be awarded to you when you play off that bonus game, you are likely to find these types of slots very appealing to play.

The Blade slot is one of those slots and in addition to its random jackpot is also offers bonus games which can regularly trigger and be awarded to you.

Staking and Payout Information

Al Playtech slot games can be configured by players so finding one that is suitable to your playing style and your bankroll is never going to pose any type of problem!

The Blade slot game is a low to medium variance slot so winning combinations do form a lot when you play it and you are going to be able to put into play up to 20 payline per spin and will also be benefitting from a high payout percentage too.

For reference if you do decide to play this slot game (Starburst is it’s sister game) you will be playing a slot offering a certified RTP of 95.01% so getting value from your gaming budget is something you will be getting each time you spin its five reels!

The jackpot on offer on the base game of this slot is worth 25,000 coins but do keep in mind the four progressive jackpots can also be won on any spin you play off.

Bonus Features and Bonus Games

The scatter symbols attached to the reels of this slot game will award you with a set of 15 free spins as soon as at least three of them have been spun into view cialis no prescription.

Now what makes this bonus game unique is that there are four multipliers in play which will be activated on each free spins you play off.

Those multipliers values are x2, x3, x4 and x5 and when one of them is activated if that spin is a winning one then on your next free spins the next highest multiplier value will come into play.

As long as you keep on spinning in winning combinations the multiplier will keep getting larger in value or when you reach x5 it will stay there, however if any one single free spins played off does not result in a winning combination spinning in the multiplier value drops back down to x2. So there could be some very large paying winning combinations spinning in thanks to those multiplier values!

Playing Tip

As you can play the Blade slot game for your on preferred stake levels and no matter how much you wager you could in the bonus game picking round on which one progressive jackpot will be awarded to you, then this slot is an ideal low rollers slot game.

So if you are playing with only a small bankroll this could be the ideal slot for you, more so due to the chance of you bagging one of its four randomly awarded progressive jackpots instantly.

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Most Configurable Online Slot Games

<a href="http://www over here.patiopatch.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/bgo-logo.png”>bgo logoTo be perfectly honest all online slot games that you will come across are going to give you a range of different adjustable option settings, so to a certain level you will be able to configure many online slot games in the way you enjoy playing them the most.

Take for example online video slot games, now when you play those types of slots games at an online casino site or online bingo site you will have the ability of configuring them in many different ways.

You will of course be able to adjust the size of the window you are playing the slot games in and will also have full control over the audio settings and also you will find many slots will allow you to put into play an auto play settings too, so you can set the slots to play themselves!

However, for some much more advanced option settings try and select the slots which allow you to speed up or even slow down the rate at which the slot game reels, spin and stop and look for slots that give you full control over the quality of the graphics and animations you will have in play as by playing those slots you will be able to set them in a way you find entertaining and appealing!

If you want to have the maximum fun and entertainment and possibly an increased chance of winning when playing slot games online, then do be on the lookout for software gaming platforms offered by many casinos sites and bingo sites that allow you to play several different slots all at the same time. Those casino and bingo sites really are worth playing at if you want to have several slots all playing at the same time!

One thing to keep in mind is that many of the slot games you will have access to online will have been designed and supplied by lots of different companies, and as such the way in which you will be able to configure a lot of those slots you can play online will be different.

The way in which you will get a complete overview of all of the different game playing settings and options settings available on any slot game will be by clicking onto the slots help files, so make sure you do to see just what options are available to you and how you can configure each slot.

To save you hunting around to find a slot that you are going to be able to configure totally to your own preferred requirements why don’t you find a site that offers the Tiki Island slot or Double Bubble slot games.

That slot not only has a huge array of different option settings and staking options too but thanks to its very high payout percentage of 96.29% you are going to have a good run with your money thanks to so much of your stakes being returned over your long term play as winning payouts.


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What to Keep in Mind When Designing Your Patios?

Even though it is just one part of your garden, the way your patio looks becomes one of the most important factors in deciding how your garden looks. When designing a patio, keep in mind

Designing Patios

Where are you putting it in the garden?

Putting patios where you don’t get any sun is no use, so pick a spot which is bright and where you see yourself unfolding a chair and unfolding yourself in the process. Avoid setting up patios adjacent to the exit because it will keep causing disturbance. Consider building more than one patios so they can be used for more than one purposes. It will also keep things interesting.

What are you going to use it for?

Only once you have that figured in your head will you be able to decide on the size of the patio. If you want to set it up only for the purpose of sunbathing then select a spot where there is sun all day. To make more use of just one patio, like setting up lunches and dinners outside, select a spot where there is a bit of a shade.

How much can it accommodate?

Will it be able to fit a table? Will it have room to unfurl five mats? As a basic, leave about 1 metre width for the table and half of that all around for easy movement.

Are you considering built-in seating?

If you’re sure of the one or two uses you will make of your patio, it is sensible to go with built-in seating. Many people choose to set up an outdoor fireplace which looks very elegant and utilizes all the space in the patio very well.

How much privacy do you want?

We don’t advise you to do all your business in a tent but creating a private environment will become increasingly important to you after the few times you make use of the patio. Consider putting up a wall around or grow a hedge to make a safe enclosure.

What is your budget?

All the above will be determined by your budget. This will help you figure if the wall around your patio is really necessary or you can do with the hedge cialis without a doctor prescription. A garden comes with its own basic expenses and a patio is only an added expenditure so when you set up a patio make sure that it is of use to you all times of the year.

What is your surface material?

There are enough options in the market for your patio to turn you blind. The steeply priced ones include real stone and concrete slabs. Most places you will also be able to get stamped or coloured concrete slabs as patio material. It is advisable to avoid concrete though as it fades easily and ends up looking fake. Truth be told, there isn’t even much of a difference between them and the real stones. So you might as well invest your money in the right place. They have less maintenance cost and will last you years.

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The Different Kind of Patio Materials Available

Surfaces of patios can look beautiful now as there are variety of materials available at home improvement depots. These materials are not just limited to patios but can be put to use for multiple projects like fixing walkways and driveways but also to contain walls among other things. While selecting the material it is wise to see how well they match with the surroundings as well as other stuff laid out in the same space. The materials need also be checked for their quality. As they are open to wear and tear, good quality of the product should be seen as an intelligent investment.

Types of Patio Materials

There are many kinds of patio materials and they come with their many kinds of maintenance costs. Contrary to what you might think it is a better idea to buy a more expensive patio material instead of a cheaper one as it will have a lower maintenance cost.

There are lots of materials to choose from for your patio. Few of them being

Real Stone

This one will burn a hole in your pocket for a natural looking surface. The trouble with this material is all stones have different shapes and sizes and so you would need a skilled person to put them in place. That being said, the surface will last you a long time with very little maintenance.

Stone Veneer

This one has most of the benefits of real stone and is not very expensive either. It is also light and can be cut into various shapes and sizes quite easily. It is a tough material too and is easily available.

Plain Concrete

The most basic kind of flooring and hence also the most affordable, concrete floors can be played with when you are bored and need a change like this. It usually acts as a foundation for other patio materials.

Stamped or Coloured Concrete

Most practical out of all other, this is basically concrete with which is stamped or painted to make it look exactly like real stone. This will make a lot of sense if you are on a budget. Also there are so many designs to choose from for less than half the price.


The more conventional choice to dress up patio surfaces, bricks are no-fuss and easy to put together. In fact this could be one of the DIY things you do. They will give your patio a warm and earthy appeal.


Tiles can be played around with just as coloured concrete. Pick unglazed tiles that are designed especially for outdoor surfaces. There are unbelievable number of colours, shapes and sizes to choose from.

There are various other materials available in the market such as synthetic stone tiles or quarry tiles which are machine made. You will never run out of options.

All the materials that have been listed above are great choices as patio materials. If you’re of the adventurous kind, you can mix and match to make some art of your own. As long as the materials complement each other and require the same kind of maintenance, you’re doing well.

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